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Bureau de Coordination des Interprètes de Conférence

Written translations to match your ambitions


Technical, legal, corporate and financial translation
BCIC is your trusted partner for all your language-related requirements through our written translation services. This allows our clients to use a single provider for all their language needs. Our translators ensure consistency between the vocabulary used in written documents and in face-to-face meetings.

A single provider for all your language-related requirements

We have developed extensive expertise in most European and some Asian languages. Most requests are for translations into or from English. We are also accustomed to providing various services for language combinations that do not include French, including translations from English into German, Polish and Spanish.

All our translations are done by native speakers of the target language. They are subsequently proofread and edited by a second linguist. Our team of professionals uses specialized software and translation memories to maintain lexical and grammatical consistency between texts.

We adapt our products to suit your requirements.

If you want your message to be appropriate for a culturally specific audience, we can offer transcreation. For your regular requirements, we will provide translation. For your urgent requirements, we use the latest technology to be more efficient and do post-editing. Copywriting, subtitling and transcription are also part of our service portfolio.

We can translate anything thanks to our network of freelance linguists specialized in different fields! (Flyers, financial reports, contracts, tender documents, marketing brochures, websites, technical and scientific documentation, user manuals, etc.)