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Bureau de Coordination des Interprètes de Conférence

Trust-based relationship between BCIC and the client

Recruiters, choose BCIC

BCIC is committed to providing you with quality services in terms of both interpretation (simultaneous, consecutive or liaison) and technical aspects.
Maika and Victoria run the Bureau de Coordination des Interprètes de Conférence, which was the first interpreter service created in France in 1981. This experience has given them a unique expertise in providing interpreters and translators for international organizations and to private structures.
In addition to our interpreters residing in France, we have also developed a network of interpreters abroad that we can bring to France to work face-to-face or who can work remotely from their homes. The interpreters registered with BCIC are graduates of leading French and foreign interpretation institutes. They are also members of AIIC (International Association of Conference Interpreters) or are in the process of becoming members. All our interpreters are recommended and validated by qualified professionals.

Our interpreters are regularly recruited by international organizations, European organizations, Ministries or the private market, which includes representatives of the major sectors of activity in the labour world (technology, law, justice, pharmaceuticals, banks…), organizers of multilingual international conferences and congresses, and actors of international communication (culture, audio-visual, media…). We also work with television channels specialized in breaking news or with institutions.

The reasons that make our company stand out


Computerized schedule

Each interpreter's schedule is managed in real time. We are therefore able to react quickly, even in an emergency. Thanks to this tool, we have the availability of our interpreters updated to the second and we can quickly recruit a team of interpreters in several languages who will meet your requirements.


Thorough knowledge of our interpreters

We monitor our interpreters from the moment they register with us and throughout their careers. We know exactly what their areas of expertise and skills are. We work with them with complete trust and transparency. We are therefore able to target a client's request very well and choose the interpreter who will be able to fulfill the assignment to perfection. Several of our interpreters work regularly for the same client, which allows us to establish a real relationship of trust between the client and the interpreter, via BCIC.


Trust-based relationship between BCIC and the client

BCIC is committed to providing the client with quality interpretation services (simultaneous, consecutive or liaison) as well as technical services.
To ensure that this relationship of trust is optimal, we ask the client for as much information as possible about the assignment in order to best respond to the request. We organize telephone or videoconference meetings with the client to have all the necessary elements to make an estimate that is as close as possible to reality.

Turnkey quote

  • Provision of a team of interpreters.
  • Organization of the technical part (equipment rental, installation, dismantling, remote interpretation, recording of meetings, etc.)
  • Translation of documents required for the meeting (minutes, results, PowerPoints, summaries of meetings, etc.)

Optimal conditions

  • Choice of the interpreter: In addition to his or her skills and experience in the field concerned, we organize a preliminary telephone interview with the interpreter to present the assignment. We also provide the interpreter’s CV to the client and can also organize an interview with the client at their request.
  • Preparation of the meeting: BCIC requires that documents be made available before the meeting so that the interpreters are perfectly prepared and ready to work in the best conditions.
  • Technical organization: We work with several equipment installation companies and are able to provide good quality interpreting equipment for both face-to-face meetings (booths, tour guide system, microphones, etc.) and remote meetings (remote interpreting platform managed by a technician or HUB interpretation).
  • Confidentiality: Our interpreters work in accordance with AIIC rules. The obligation of confidentiality is inherent to the profession of an interpreter. We also have them sign confidentiality clauses at the client’s request.

Whether it is for interpretation or translation, we impose on ourselves a high level of professionalism that we have been building for more than 40 years for a large network of clients who use our services and our interpreters for their language-related requirements.